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About the program
The program "Intensive course in Russian Studies" welcomes intellectually curious students who seek to understand the historical and contemporary Russia and the former Soviet Union.

The ability to use the Russian language, as well as the knowledge of Russian gives you direct access to a fascinating cultural and historical tradition and brings you closer to one of the world's most dynamic geopolitical regions.

Boost your knowledge with the best academics at Russian Academy of Sciences
Get real academic experience with interdisciplinary and personalized learning opportunities
Language of the program is English, your background in Russian does not matter
If you speak Russian enroll in various GAUGN's Russian-taught courses for free
Program benefits
Yuri Gagarin, the first person to fly in space
( Let's go!)


Tuition fee: 1530 euros
Language proficiency: Russian language proficiency is not required; a good command of English (Upper-intermediate level and above) is enough.

The format: offline /online
Application deadline: The program is currently not accepted.
Term and duration: spring semester (February- June)
Accommodation (for offline): GAUGN provides students with a dormitory. The accommodation fee may vary from 100 to 150 EUR per month, depending on the quality of a room.
Not bad
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, Russian poet
International certificate with your academic credits
Network of contacts with leading scientist in Russia and all over the world
Unique expertise in Russia and Post-Soviet region for your CV

Start to speak the same language with Dostoevsky and Tolstoy
Upon completion of studies
The final exams of the program can be counted as entrance exams for students who wish to apply GAUGN on a fee-paying basis.
Why Russia?

Russia has fascinated and intrigued researchers for centuries. Russia is where East and West meet and create a unique civilization.

XXI century is a century of Eurasia with Russia at the center of the continent. Get a cutting-edge perspective on global trends in the economy, politics, international relations shaping the region.

Discover for yourself the depths of Russian history, culture, and its great traditions of sound academical education.

Program curriculum
Additional opportunities
Field trip- archeological expedition
Organized by the History Department and Institute of Archaeology of Russian Academy of Sciences:

- Real work with trained professionals;
- Hands-on experience and practical skills;
- Explore one of the ancient Russian cities.

Elective courses
In order to acquire knowledge in the areas that are interesting and important for you, you can stay at the GAUGN during the autumn (the optional part) and visit courses of any faculty, class year, or educational programme.

Language partner program
Learning and practicing a new language can be difficult. But students from the GAUGN are ready to help you with that and become your language partners. It's a chance not only to practice what you have learned in class but also to enhance your understanding of spoken Russian.

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Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences
A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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